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I started this site in 2005 to write down simple but important code snippets which I may forget easily. Most of the posts/articles published in this site are not rock complicated but they are simple answers to questions, which people may find hard to remember How To Do them. Today in 2010, almost all posts/articles are common answers to the questions raised in Asp.net Forms. All of these posts/articles been tested against certain criteria which suits to subject of the post. But it is essential you to understand the domain of the post and apply them in appropriate context. Most of the posts have being through couple of reviews after feedback from asp.net community users. However I DO NOT provide any warranty for these code snippets, which may work in your application context. Use these examples at your own risk. However if you find obvious syntax error or typo, please feel free to let me know by commenting them, so that I can improve the post for other asp.net community users of this site. Please remember you are NOT ALLOWED to COPY entire articles/posts and publish them your context without my knowledge and permission.

Lack of explanation?

Yes that’s true most of them are working examples but only the code snippet. I have kept the story as short as possible by presenting only the essential bit. So many people contact me requesting more explanation for most of published posts convincing me that I have not explain a mandatory complex bit of code.  That is something I would really enjoy doing explaining but have to say where necessary.  So please DO CONTACT ME (with the link to the post) if you need any explanation/more information for any of those posts. I will update the post with suitable explanation and information where necessary as soon as I can. So that any other uses will benefit from it.

iPhone Launch Screen Sizes

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