Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Please send me code'

In a break, I had a look in to Asp.net Web Forms forum to see if there is anything that I can help. Indeed yes, there is a post surely I will be a help to the poster by the meaning of its title. Without any hesitant I clicked on the link. I was surprised by post description as it said...

I want to do such and such... and send me the code for that.

Although I had a thought that would be a help to the poster, my psychology made my so reluctant to say a word. I was so embarrassed to send someone a piece of code. I thought are we actually sending code? No we guiding them through the correct path by providing the best possible answer, I said to myself. I don’t know, but description of this particular post made me think twice about the psychology of the poster? Is he trying to get something done by others or is he desperately needs a help?  Is he abusing the kindness and patience of other asp.net community members? I lost my confidence about the fact that poster genuinely need a help. At least if poster is smart enough, he or she may have used the words carefully and trick community members to get their work done. But not too smart, I have seen people post ‘requirement definitions’ which need couple of development team meeting to discuss, with the title with ‘need an idea’. I closed the browser and leaned back to work.

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