Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The following module was built either with optimizations enabled or without debug information: Microsoft ASP.NET

Symptom: Solution includes a web project and a class library(may be more). But can not hit any break points in class library as it says ‘no symbols has been loaded’

  • Try 'Configuration Manager' – make sure all project configurations are set to ‘debug mode’ and clean the solution
  • Try web config – make sure you have set [debug=’true’] in compilation section.
  • Remove the assembly reference and try adding it again.


sszelei said...

I found a wonderful checkbox in the options under tools menu. Open the Debugging node on the tree and go to General. In here there are a number of values. Find the one that has the text "Enable Just My Code (Managed only)" Uncheck it and hit OK. See if that lets you debug into the code.

Charith Shyam Gunasekara said...
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Charith Shyam Gunasekara said...

Thanks Sszelei, Thats quite useful.

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