Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Remote Debugging in Microsoft ASP.Net

Debug an application or a web service, which runs in a remote host
(version of code does not need to be a debug built)
  1. Install Visual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor(MSVSMON) in the remote host (server) – recommend to install as a windows application and make sure MSVSMON is listening for connections
  2. Start Visual Studio and pull up source code for the relevant application - if you try to add break points to irrelevant code, break points will not be reached.
  3. From main menu select -> Debug >> Attach to Process
    For the Qualifier use domain\ (Ex CSG\Charith.Gunasekara@CSG-UATWebTest) and refresh process list
  4. Select required process from the (in this case work process(aspnet_wp.exe))
    Try inserting couple of breakpoints to the source code and browse the website.
  5. This is useful if you cant replicate errors in local machine while investigating exceptions
Reference: Set Up Remote Debugging (MSDN)

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Yeah good post about Debuging....keep up good Works.

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