1. How to upload multiple files?
    1. Using FlistList control example
    2. Using third party jQuery + flash plugin example
  2. How to add controls on a button click?
    1. Basic example
    2. Simple example - (Row of controls)
    3. Using DropDownList value example
    4. Using TextBox value example
    5. Full example - (Row of controls)
  3. How to send an email using Gmail?
  4. How to work with browser back button?
    1. How to disable browser back button?
    2. How to determine if the back button clicked on a postback?
  5.  How to get/add/change html in asp.net page
    1. How to add HTML
    2. How to get and change rendered output HTML
  6. How to convert page to a PDF
  7. How to access code behind using java scripts?
    1. Using page methods
    2. Using ICallBackEventHandler
  8. How to convert html page to a image
    1. How to convert Html page to a Image using WebBrowser - Windows Forms
    2. How to convert Html page to a Image using WebBrowser in Asp.net 
    3. How to take a snapshot of the a current aspx page using WebBrowser 
  9. How to dynamically load a DropDownList 
  10. How to show the progress of a long running operation or request
    1. How to simply show start and completion
    2. How to show step wise progress
    3. How to show the progress of a request
  11. How to import data to SQL Server?
    1. How to import a Excel file
    2. How to import a CSV file
  12. How to open a popup?
    1. How to open a popup using asp.net panel
    2. How to open a new window after executing some code
    3. How to create a popup window in code behind
    4. How to open a popup using ModalPopupExtender
    5. How to open a popup using jQueryUI dialogue
  13. How to print a page?
    1. How to print background colours
    2. How to print fit to page
    3. How to print using JavaScripts
    4. How to hide header and footer while printing
    5. How to save and print
  14. How to get around EventValidation error
    1. How to input HTML text with out EventValidation error
    2. How to add/change items to DropDownList in the client side without EventValidation error
  15. How to save multiple sections in database?
  16. How to calculate days and hours?
    1. How to calculate hours
    2. How to calculate days  
  17. How to create thumbnail images?
  18. How to copy/delete/rename files and folders?
    1. How to delete files
    2. How to rename files
    3. How to delete folder
    4. How to copy files
    5. How to find folder size?
    6. How to copy file from one server to another 
  19. How to save only changes?
  20. How to add select other/details textbox next to selection
    1. How to add select other textbox next to DropDownList? 
    2. How to add detials textbox next to checkbox when check of a checkbox?
  21. How to write dynamic image to response output stream? 
  22. How to stop/restarts an application in code behind?
  23. How to bind asp.net menu?
    1. How to bind to a datatable with the relationship with ParentId and Id
    2. How to remove menu item using JavaScripts
    3. How to bind to a XML file
    4. How to bind multiple site map files
    5. How to combine two menus to work together
  24. How to register asynchronous task?
  25. How to use data binding expressions in asp.net?
  26. How to post data to a different page?
    1. Using postback url
    2. Using HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse
  27. How to list all the directories in a folder?
  28. How to update small part of a web page?
  29. How to access server control values in JavaScripts
    1. In a Page
    2. In a UserControl
  30. How to serialize?
    1. XML serialization
    2. Binary serialization
    3. Generic serialization method 
    4. Generic deserialisation method
  31. How to clone an object?
  32. How to get absolute url in ReturnUrl?
  33. How to update a page while downloading a file?
  34. How to work with IFRAMES?
    1. How to pass a value parent to child
    2. How to dynamically load a IFRAME from code behind
    3. How to find which page iframe is embedded in
    4. How to load html page inside aspx page
  35. How to stop button being posted back to the server? 
  36. How to make silverlight and flash objects transparent?
  37. How to deploy a asp.net web application?
  38. How to upload a file?
    1. How to upload a file?
    2. How to keep track of file the selected during postback? 
    3. How to validate file type in client side?
    4. How to find file size in client side?
    5. How to find file last modified date in client side?
    6. How to find file created date in client side?
    7. How to validate file type in server side?
    8. How to handle files which exceeds the limits?
    9. How to show the selected image without saving the image on the disk?
    10. How to rename the file if the filename exists in the folder while uploading? 
  39. How to use Eval and Bind ? What is the difference?
  40. How to use windows controls in a web page?
  41. How to work with threads?
    1. How to create STA (Single Threaded Apartment) thread?
    2. How to implement a background worker?
  42. How to show validation summary in a nice popup dialogue?
  43. How to change asp.net control attribute rendering?
  44. How to build a custom control?
    1. How to build a custom TextBox?
    2. How to build a templated control?
    3. How to implement a collection property?
    4. How to build a custom checkbox control?
    5. How to clone a control?
    6. How to build a resettable panel?
    7. How to build a directory browser?
  45. How to work with custom post back data and events
    1. What is Page.RegisterRequiresPostBackEvent
    2. What is Page.RegisterRequiresRaiseEvent
  46. How to pass dynamic data bound values to HTML object element?
  47. How to validate password strength using regular expressions?
  48. How to automatically convert html files to aspx files?
  49. How to handle messages (errors/success)?
  50. How to bubble up events from UserControls to page?
    1. Using delegates
    2. Using bubble event
  51. How to create objects using it's string type name?
  52. How to disable button after first click?
  53. How avoid DropDownList item cropped off?
  54. How to find JavaScript enabled in a postback?
  55. How to use asp.net caching?
    1. Invalidate response cache based on a condition?
    2. How get/set list item from/to cache
  56. How to register start-up JavaScript?
  57. How to postback using JavaScript?
  58. How to implement a session variable which available from the first page load?
  59. How to resolve ViewState MAC failed error?
  60. How to validate set of controls based on a condition?
  61. How to find the status code of the PageNotFound page?
  62. How to build a simple cascade DropDownList?
  63. How to work with asp.net calendar?
    1. How to disable weekends
    2. How to disable a day based on criteria
    3. How to disable past days in asp.net calender
  64. How to download a image?
  65. How to export data to Microsoft XL format?
  66. How to configure directory browsing?
  67. How to find request information?
    1. How to find request date and time
    2. How to find users IP address
    3. How to find users MAC address
  68. How to find which control caused a postback?
    1. Inside the dedicated event handler
    2. Outside the dedicated event handler
  69. How to load usercontrol with parameters?
  70. How to access controls in different place holders?
  71. How to re-write all the hyperlinks with anchor tag?
  72. How to use asp.net forms authentication?
    1. How to configure simple authentication setup
    2. How to provide a timeout message
    3. How to redirect users to certain page based on their username or user role
    4. How to protect static file types like .xml, .html etc
  73. How to build a read more panel like facebook wall?
  74. How to implement a RootUrl property?
  75. How to implement custom configuration?
    1. Adding new section to web config
  76. How I can use jQuery document ready with Ajax ScriptManager?
  77. How to work with XML files?
    1. Using XPathNodeIterator
    2. How to transform XML file to HTML format using XSLT
    3. How to transform XML file to differently formated XML file XSLT
  78. How to move items between two ListBoxes?
  79. How to service files located out of the virtual folder?
    1. Serving an Image
    2. Serving a PDF file
  80. How to convert PDF files?
    1. Convert web page to PDF file all methods
    2. Convert PDF file text file
    3. Print page as PDF using iTextSharp
    4. How to print a long page with multiple pages as PDF
  81. How to play a sound on error?
  82. How to find HTML tags and content?
    1. How to find inner html of spefied html tag in html document
    2. How to find html tags inside rendered html in code behind   
    3. How to find outer  html content of a specified html tag in html document
    4. How to read value with in a external web page
  83. How to highlight invalid controls in diffrent color? 
  84. How to paste Excel data in a web page?
  85. How to work with images
    1. How to write a dynamically create a bitmap the the response output stream
    2. How to create a good quality thumbnail
  86. How to work with MasterPages
    1. How to access controls with in different content Place Holders?
  87. How to get somebody to do my work through asp.net fourm? 
  88. What are the available events in asp.net page life cycle?

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