Thursday, April 23, 2009

CLRProfiler (CLR Profiler) waiting for application to start common language runtime - .NET Runtime

Symptom: When you start an application using CLR profiler, it always says [waiting for application to start common language runtime] and wait forever


  1. Most probably you may be using CLR Profiler 1.1 to profile .NET 2.0 Application. Download CLR Profiler 2.0 from the here

  2. If it is VISTA or Windows XP, may be CLR Profiler doesn't have enough permissions to run. Try running CLR Profiler as an Administrator.
    Right Click on the CLRProfiler.exe -> Run as -> Administrator


Jay said...

In my case, I had to run the x86 version of CLRProfiler, even though my machine is a 64 bit machine. The application was compiled for x86, so apparently I needed the matching CLRProfiler.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much, had to run it "as administrator"

Anonymous said...

@jay That solved it.

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